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Y Cloud Interest

197 Associations

809 Branches

Virtual Y Microsites

165 Associations

637 Branches

YMCA Universal App

182 Associations

698 Branches

Open Y Websites

99 Associations

375 Branches

What is Y Cloud?


Virtual Y Websites

Connect members with on-demand content, livestreams, and virtual events!

Let the Y Cloud team setup, manage, and deliver your Virtual Y website, while you focus on what is important: your members.

Universal App

The days of members sifting through dozens upon dozens of mobile YMCA apps in the app store are numbered.

From workout tracking to push notifications to rewards programs. The YMCA Universal App will be available to all YMCA Associations, providing a rich experience to your members.

Open Y Websites

Utilize the Y Cloud for your association's Open Y website. Proven technology, built specifically for YMCAs, we're readying ourselves to help implement and configuration your association site.