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What is an Open Y Association Website?

Association Websites built on Open Y benefit from the combined efforts of the YMCA technology community for upgrading your main website.

  • Websites built upon Open Y are easy to use
  • Open Y websites work equally well when viewed on a desktop, laptop, or on mobile
  • A vast community of developers contribute to Open Y
  • Built upon the same core technology as websites for NASDAQ, the U.S. Department of Energy, and NASA
  • YMCAs control their website and content
  • The Y Cloud team provides the platform and hosting of the website
  • A lift-and-shift is possible for websites already built on Open Y to be hosted with Y Cloud

What are the benefits of an Open Y Association Website?

The Y Cloud team provides Open Y Association Websites as a plug-and-play solution in a secure cloud platform created to help YMCAs across the country.

Utilizing the Y Cloud team, local YMCAs avoid the need to implement their own site by scratch by leveraging our experience, manpower, and infrastructure.

The cloud delivery model employed by the Open Y platform is a shared solution, thus providing YMCAs a cost efficient model that saves not only time but money as well.

YMCAs will continue to keep their member management systems and will have full control over the content they provide their members.

What's Included with the Y Cloud Offering of Open Y Association Websites?

With the Y Cloud offering of Open Y Association Websites, your association receives a standalone website hosted within the Y Cloud ecosystem.  Y Cloud will take on the hosting and infrastructure components of the website while frequently releasing new features developed by the Open Y team to your site.

This allows the associations to focus on what is important: your members.

Additionally, the Open Y Association website provides the following tools and features

  • Views of your program offerings and schedules
  • Online program registration
  • A Membership Calculator that assists with new member acquisition
  • Facility description and mapping
  • Language translation support